Filmmaking Workshops


Continuing the Tradition and Legacy of Providing the Best in Film Education 

FILMCAS or Film Craft Association of Selangor continues the fine tradition of its predecessor, Action Cut Malaysia in bringing some of the best film making talents from Hollywood to Malaysia and exposing Malaysian film makers and students of film to the expertise and experience of these exemplary professionals. Comprising of like minded film makers and film professionals, FILMCAS intends to continue the legacy by creating and developing even more complex and innovative film seminars and workshops to truly sharpen and mould the creative skills of our film makers and make them a force to be reckoned with in the international film arena.

This masterclass is a natural progression and culmination of more than a decade of organizing and conducting outstanding film seminars and workshops that have made a great difference to the film industry in Malaysia. Since 2002, the ActionCut Seminars have trained hundreds of students comprehensively in the finer points of film making with such formidable film instructors like Guy Magar, Geoff Schaaf, Scott Billups, Mark Travis, Dov Simen and various other directors, producers, cinematographers and special effects gurus who have imparted their rich experiences, expertise and knowledge.

The Action/Cut Print 3-Day Film Making Master Class is a continuation of the successful film making seminar that was held in March 2016 featuring Peter Marshall, Michael Bruce Adams, Mark Travis, Geoff Schaaf and Randy Finch, bringing the be,st of the best in the film industry to nurture our film makers and students and make Malaysia proud.

About us 2Action Cut in Malaysia are the pioneers in the organization and conducting of high end film seminars and workshops for the serious film makers and students of film since 2002. Even though the film industry in Malaysia flourished in the early fifties and sixties, there had been a gradual decline in the quality of film production in the country from the seventies onwards. The great film companies like  Cathay Films Organization and Shaw Brothers slowly withdrew from the industry as box office receipts began to decline and there was a serious shortage of talent and skilled crew to support the production of quality, story driven films in the country.
About Us 1Realizing that this does not bode well for the industry, we decided to bring expert film makers from the film capital of the world – Hollywood. In 2002, we held the first Action Cut film seminar in Malaysia, in fact a first in Asia, bringing heavyweight directors, producers, cinematographers and special effects gurus to impart their valuable knowledge, expertise and experience on the complete spectrum of filmmaking. Led by Guy Magar, an outstanding and award winning film and television director, the team of Hollywood experts gave a mind blowing series of lectures and hands on experiences to make a great impact on the participants.
about us 3Another Action Cut Seminar was organized in 2005, followed by the HD Production and Visual Effects Workshop by Scott Billups in 2007. Scott’s credits include visual effects in the blockbusters “Jurassic Park” and “Terminator 2”. In 2008, we had the pleasure of presenting Dov Simen’s 2-Day Film School. Dov was voted America’s #1 Film Instructor and his graduates include Will Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan and Danny Boyle.
about us 4In 2009, we held the Asia Film Week, with a talented group of Hollywood producers, directors, scriptwriters and cinematographers whose credits include” Alice in Wonderland,” “2012”,” Shutter Island”,” Smallville”, “CSI”,” Night At The Museum 2” etc. In 2013, we brought in Mark W. Travis who is regarded by Hollywood and international film professionals as the world’s leading authority in film directing.

The Action/Cut Print 3-Day Film Making Seminar and Workshop in Kota Kinabalu is a natural progression of our efforts to bring the best of the best in the film industry to nurture our film makers and students and put them on the road to the Oscars and make Malaysia proud.