Alan CasoAlan Caso


Director of Photography of the acclaimed HBO hit series “Six Feet Under” for which he was nominated for an Emmy. His credits include Frankenstein, Joan of Arcadia, Repli-Kate, Three Blind Mice, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, Reindeer Games, Muppets in Space, Stepfather 3, George Wallace. Tour of Duty and many television series including Raven.

benny the jetBenny “The Jet” Urquidez

Stunt & Fight Coordinator

Benny Urquidez or Benny “The Jel” is the legendary Kick-Boxing World Champion (holds 5 world titles) who has never lost a championship fight (ring record 58-0, 49 KO ‘s) and is today one of the top fight/stunt coordinators in the movie business. His was the fight /stunt coordinator for Pearl Harbour , The Mohammad Ali Story, Prince of Glory, Spy Girl, Enter The Phoenix, The Soldier, Con Air, Sweet Fighter, Batman II, Gladiators, Kick Boxer I, An Innocent Man, Lucky Dragon and other films. He has been the fight trainer for Nicholas Cage, John Cussack, Julliette Lewis, Chuck Norris, Lou Gosset Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, Brian Dennehey, Sasha Mitchell, Tom Selleck and Patrick Swayze.

carol pattonCarol Patton

Producer, Publisher

Carol, the producer of The Adventures of Space Baby and Mental Man, won the Best Film Award at the Boston Film Festival. She also produced Great Confrontations in Comedy at the Oxford Union which featured American and English comedic greats . Her film credits include The Snowfield, Pray For Power. Follow The Broccoli, Seaside Seduction, Celtic Pride, The Crucible, and others.

CorrellCharles Correll


The late Charles Correll has directed numerous episodes of successful TV series. This include CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without A Trace, General Hospital, Titans, Beverly Hills90210, Melrose Place, MacGyver and many more.

Dove SimensDov Simens

America’s #1 Film lnstructor

Dov Simens is one of Hollywood’s greatest film instructors. Voted “America’s #1 Film Instructor“by the National Association of Film Schools, he has taught in USC, NYU. UCLA and over 18 other major universities and film schools around the world. Hailed as the “Champion of lndependent Filmmaking”, Dov’s graduates, which include the likes of directors Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan. Guy Ritchie, Kirk Jones, Baz Luhrman and Danny Boyle. who won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, have gone to fetch legendary careers of their own while raking in over 8 billion dollars collectively. Actors Will Smith, Queen Latifah and the makers of such film including the Matrix Trilogy, The Blair Witch Project, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 28 Days Later and White Noise, are all also among Dov’s alumni.

Geoff SchaafGeoff Schaaf

Director at Photography

Geoff Schaaf is responsible for the sweeping vistas and crisp shots in Determination of Death, Swamp Thing, Fatal Exposure, Empty Cradle. Early Edition, Seaquest, Jack & Jill, Fortune Hunter and Charmed. He has been nominated for the Emmy Awards 13 times and has won on 4 occasions.

Guy Magar

Dguyirector I Producer / Writer

Guy Magar has directed/written/produced indie features including Showdown (first film for Matt Leblanc, star of TV‘s Friend), Stepfather 3 (HBO World Premiere). the cult thriller Retribution, and Children Of The Corn: Revelation {based on the Stephen King original story). His television credits include over 40 series and long form productions including La Femme Nikita. Sliders, Dark Avenger, Hunter, Nowhere Man, Young Riders, Markers, The A-Team, Our Family Honour, Blue Thunder, Raven and Buck Rogers in live 25th Century.

iphone360_267243Jeff Barnes

Co-Founder at Executive Producer, CafeFX

Jefl Barnes is co-founder and CEO of the ComputerCafe Group. Founded in 1993, the company is one of Hollywood’s leading visual effects company. Barnes is responsible for the company’s meteoric growth into a sprawling visual effects facility in Santa Barbara County and a high end post production studio in Santa Monica. CafeFX has become a world-class provider of stunning imagery with over 80 films to its credit including Alice ln Wonderland, 2012, Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, Pan’s Labyrinth, G.I.Joe: Rise Of Cobra, Night At The Museum 2, Wolverine and Spiderman to name a few. In 2008, CafeFX’s team of artists won an Emmy Award for special effects for HBO’s John Adam.

Joe AlvesJoe Alves

Production Desiqner

Joe Alves is one of the most experienced and respected production designers in the motion picture industry, His works include — Sugarland Express, Jaws, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (with Steven Spielberg), Jaws 2, Escape From New York, Starman, Geronimo. Freejack, Drop Zone, Shadow Conspiracy, Everybodys‘ All-American and Fire Down Below with Steven Seagal. Joe also directed Jaws 3.

Mark GoldblattMark Goldblatt


Goldblatt has been an editor for numerous blockbuster movies such as X-Men: The Last Stand, xXx, State of the Union, Exorcist: The Beginning, Bad Boys II, Bad Company, Pearl Harbour, Hollow Man and Armageddon. His other credits include the Terminator, Terminator 2, Starship Troopers, Showgirls, True Lies. Rambo First Blood: Part II and Pan ll.

2013 MWT 2Mark W. Travis


Acclaimed as “the director’s director”, Mark W. Travis is regarded by many Hollywood and International professionals as one of the world’s leading authorities in the art and craft of film directing. Drawing from his impressive background in design, writing, acting, and his wide range of experience directing theater, film and television, Mark is able to bring new insights and exceptional clarity to the complex task of directing the feature film.
Mark’s unique approach to working with actors and characters (The Travis Technique™) has gained the attention of directors, writers and actors worldwide and is becoming a standard approach for stimulating powerful performances.
For the past 20 years Mark has been sharing his directing techniques with student as well as professional directors, around the world, visiting over 17 countries and 30 film schools and organizations.
Mark has served as directorial and creative consultant to Mark Rydell, George Tillman, Stephen Lance, Brad Gann, Mary Wickliffe, Tim Story, Daniel Stamm, and Cyrus Nowrasteh, on such films as: Here’s Herbie, Notorious; Not Forgotten; The Stoning of Soraya M,; Black Irish; Men of Honor; Barbershop; Barbershop 2; The Day Reagan Was Shot; Norma Jean, Jack and Me, Angry Little God, The Greatest Gift and, most recently, The Young Messiah.

speaker 1

Michael W. Watkins


Michael Watkins has been a director, producer, cinematographer and creator of numerous feature films and hit TV shows such as Prison Break, X-Files, Las Vegas, Smallville, Law And Order, CSI, Numb3rs, The Beast, NYPD Blue and many more. More recently, he has directed several episodes of the award winning series Monk, Dirty Sexy Money, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations and American Dreams. He has been nominated for 6 Emmys (2 wins), 4 ASC Awards (1 win), 2 Golden Globes, Peabody Award and People‘: Choice Award.

pepe 1Pepe Valencia

Animation Director

Pepe Valencia has been involved as an animation supervisor for blockbusters such as Beowulf, Surfs Up, Harry Potter And the Sorcerer’s Stone, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Peter Pan, Hollow Man, The Aviator, The Polar Express and Stuart Little 1 & 2. He has also worked on movies such as Open Season, Monster House, GodziIla. Starship Troopers and Space Jam in the CGI department.

Peter Wunstort ASCPeter Wunstorf, ASC


Peter Wunstorf started out in the business in his teens. He progressed from shootng music videos television series and dramas to movies, as cinematographer and later as a director. His cinematography on “The Grocers Wife” was critically acclaimed and selected to open Critics Week at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. Since then, he has moved on to work on such films as Double Happiness which earned him a Genie nomination. He has also been nominated numerous times for his work on pilots such as Smallville, Millenium and Haunted. A member of the American Society of Cinematographers, he has also worked on films such as Oscar winning Brokeback Mountain, Hollowman 2 and The Final Cut.

ScottScott Billups

Visual Effecis Supervisor

Author of the best-selling book ‘Digits! Moviemaking”, his credits include visual effects in the blockbusters Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. His other works include City of Ghosts, Barb Wire, Dragonstrike, Bend It Like Beckham, Roswell, the highly popular FX: The Series, Hellraiser.” Bloodline. Shredder, Yellow Bird, Larceny. Mid-Century and many others.