Peter D. Marshall is an acclaimed filmmaker and film directing coach from Vancouver, Canada. Peter is the founder and lead speaker of the Action/Cut Print series of seminars and workshops and he has worked extensively in the film and television industry for over 40 years – as a film director, television producer, first assistant director and TV series creative consultant.

Peter has directed many TV episodes of television dramas such as “John Woo’s Once a Thief”, “Wiseguy”, “21 Jumpstreet”, “Largo Winch” to name a few. As a first assistant director, Peter has worked on over 12 feature films ,16 television movies and 8 television series. His documentaries and dramas have won, or have been nominated for 14 international film awards.

Peter has worked for such distinguished directors such as John Woo, Phillip Noyce, Ed Zwick, Bobby Roth, John Badham, Roger Vadim, Dennis Dugan, Anne Wheeler and Zack Snyder. He has also worked with actors such as Peter O’Toole, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Kathy Bates, Michelle Pfiefer and many more top stars.

Peter is currently the directing instructor at the Shanghai Vancouver Film School and has taught classes and workshops for the Vancouver Film School, Raindance Canada, Directors Guild of Canada, Victoria Motion Picture School and Capilano College. He has also developed several filmmaking workshops that he has presented over the past 18 years – from Canada to Singapore to China to Dubai.

Michael Bruce Adams

Michael Bruce Adams is the lead writing instructor for Shanghai Vancouver Film School’s (SHVFS) Film Production Program and a senior instructor for SHVFS’ Writing for Film and Television Program.

He is a produced writer who has written 34 feature length screenplays, multiple short films, television pilots and bibles, and numerous technical articles on screenwriting and filmmaking. As a Script Consultant for feature films, documentaries and television series Michael works with clients in Canada, Asia, the US, Africa and Europe.

To gain practical filmmaking experience Michael joined the production side of the industry in 1994, first as a Production Assistant and Assistant Director, then as an Assistant Cameraman, where he had the honour of working with acclaimed cinematographers such as Dean Semler, Mikael Salomon, Maryse Alberti, and Peter Menzies Jr., as well as directors John McTiernan, John Curran, Phillip Noyce and Martin Campbell.

The 23 years of invaluable ‘on-set’ experience he gained on over 120 film and television productions including; “Dark Angel”, “Beyond Borders”, “Walking Tall”, “The Thirteenth Warrior”, and “Miracle”, allows Michael to contribute to current projects not only as a screenwriting creative force offering imaginative solutions to storytelling challenges, but as a practical filmmaking collaborator with extensive production experience.

Bobby Roth

Bobby Roth grew up in Los Angeles. He studied Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC Berkeley, then got a BA in Cinema at USC in 1972, and an MFA in Motion Picture Production from UCLA in 1975. For his entire career he has alternated between independent filmmaking and commercial television. In the early eighties he had an overall deal to write, produce and direct for Universal, where he created the series ‘The Insiders’ for ABC.

His independent films have now been exhibited in over one hundred film festivals worldwide, five of which have premiered at Sundance where Bobby has also been a judge. As a director and writer, Bobby has been involved in a number of episodes of such popular TV series as “Hawaii Five-O”, “McGyver”, “Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Mentalist”, “Lost”, “Prison Break”, “ Fringe” and many others.

He is a founding member of the Independent Feature Project and also a founding member of the DGA’s Independent Feature Committee where he was its first Co-Chairman.